TuneIn Teams With HARMAN For In-Dash Audio Access


With a goal of “powering up the in car audio streaming experience for consumers,” TuneIn has inked an arrangement with a major automotive part manufacturer that could make it as front-and-center as Sirius XM, AM and FM are on the in-dash audio entertainment system.

Thanks to a new partnership, announced today, HARMAN and TuneIn are joining forces to create a pre-integrated implementation of the TuneIn app.

This not only expands the ability for drivers to listen to audio streaming of many of their favorite broadcast radio stations, including those from iHeartMedia, but brings on-demand live sports, news, music, podcasts to the HARMAN Ignite Store. That’s HARMAN’s connected vehicle platform for automakers, which they will use to develop, manage and operate their own in-vehicle app store.

“Automotive manufacturers can leverage the HARMAN Ignite Store digital ecosystem for OEMs to enable drivers to download a TuneIn app tailored to the in-car environment,” the companies say. “Through the app, TuneIn listeners can access audio content while keeping their eyes on the road and hands on the wheel.”

Through the TuneIn collaboration, drivers will also get to experience what the streaming audio app calls “experience premium connected features.” They include a free trial subscription to TuneIn Premium, giving them exclusive access to commercial-free news from top networks like CNN, Fox News Radio, MSNBC, CNBC, and Bloomberg, as well as live NFL, NHL, MLB, and college sports programming. There are also commercial-free music channels, in addition to personalized content recommendations right from the dashboard app.

With the iHeartMedia app already on Apple Car Play, it’s another way for consumers to access their content — as well as TuneIn’s other global partners.

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