Turning down the consumer gloom?


Rasmussen Reports tracks consumer confidence on both a daily and monthly basis. The last full month available is February, when the measure was 57.6, far below the 100 break-even score. But since then, it’s been inching up.’

The last time the monthly measure has been positive was October 2007, when it stood at 105.2. The November 2008 reading was 64.5, followed by 59.6 in December and 60.8 in January.

However, the index has been in the mid-60s pretty much throughout the month of March. And after hitting a low point of 65.1 3/23/09, from which it grew gradually until hitting 70.8 on the Rasmussen confidence scale 3/29/09.

RBR/TVBR observation: One big key to turning this mess around is getting people to open their wallets and let go of a dollar every once in awhile. We realize there are serious structural problems to be dealt with, but a little snowball momentum in the consumer spending category would be a nice dose of medicine for this ailing economy.