TV Control, By Way Of Alexa


PHOENIX — Hey Alexa … Put on ‘Good Morning Arizona.’

While the greater Phoenix area may be home to the ATSC 3.0 “model market,” with testing ongoing at Univision Communications’ owned-and-operated station serving the Valley of the Sun, there’s no trial period involved in getting at least one TV to respond to commands most would use with a Smart Speaker.

LG is unveiling a line of televisions allowing the user to control the device hands-free, using Alexa commands.

Specifically, Alexa TV commands are being understood by the “smart” LG sets, and it is thanks to LG AI Thinq technology.

As LG explains, the addition of Alexa compatibility allows consumers to use their Amazon Alexa devices, including the Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show, Echo Spot, and Echo Plus (purchased separately), to control the TV.

That said, LG says, “even though controlling your TV is simple, if you don’t fully understand the commands available, you won’t be able to use this amazing technology to its fullest.”

This is why LG created a list of Alexa TV commands that can help consumers do more with the television than ever before.

They include:
• “Alexa, change to channel ‘X’.” This way, you can find what you want to watch faster.
• “Alexa, volume up/down.” Keep your TV at the perfect volume during TVs, movies, commercials, and more.
• “Alexa, change the TV input to ‘X’.” By using this command, you can easily switch between your cable or satellite provider, your Blu-Ray player, and your favorite streaming provider.
• “Alexa, turn up/down the brightness on the TV.” Get the optimal picture for what you’re watching—and the conditions of the room.
• “Alexa, turn on/off subtitles.” With voice control on your LG Smart TV, you won’t have to fumble with buttons and settings to view (or stop viewing) subtitles.
• “Alexa, launch the ‘X’ [app] on TV.” Using just your voice, you can open any app on your TV—whether it’s for music, movies or surfing the web.

North American consumers are getting a head start on those in Europe and Asia.