TV news crew attacked in California


A reporter and photographer for KTXL-TV (Fox) Sacramento were attacked Monday by a mob of people outside a restaurant where a shooting death had taken place a few hours earlier. The news crew had asked friends and family if they wanted to talk about the murder victim, but instead they turned on the journalists.

Reporter John Lobertini and photographer Rebecca Little had gone to the crime scene hours after an early morning fight inside the IHOP had led to the shooting of a 27-year-old man in the parking lot. It was a routine sort of story until they approached the place where friends and family of the dead man were erecting a makeshift memorial. When the reporter asked if they would like to talk about the man they were memorializing, several people attacked the TV crew.

KTXL has the video posted on the station website, with the camera hitting the ground as Little was knocked down and kicked. The webpage also has video shot from further away by a crew from KOVR-TV (CBS). It shows the angry mob taking Little to the ground and Lobertini fending off punches from other people. Local police looked at the video, but there were no immediate arrests.