TV revenues up at Media General


That’s right, up. Broadcast revenues increased 0.1% in August at Media General to 29.5 million, despite the absence of 2.5 million in political revenues a year ago. "Our Broadcast Division experienced sharply increased National time sales, primarily the result of higher spending in the telecommunications and automotive categories.  WFLA benefited from airing four pre-season Tampa Bay Buccaneers football games this August compared with only three last August," said CEO Marshall Morton in announcing the company’s monthly figures.

The story was not so rosy for the newspaper side. Publishing revenues fell 6.2% to 40.9 million, with most of the shortfall attributed to the Tampa market. For all Media General newspapers, classifieds plunged 18.5%, national was down 8.6% and retail was up 3.7%.

Interactive Media revenues, still a small part of the total revenue pie, shot up 29.3% to nearly three million bucks.