TV stations attacked across Mexican border


The Brownsville (TX) Herald reports that the local Televisa TV station across the border in Matamoros, Mexico was attacked with grenades Saturday night. A few hours later there was a similar attack at the Televisa station in Monterrey.

Witnesses told the Texas newspaper that at least two grenades were thrown from a moving vehicle and landed on the roof of a production area of the TV station in Matamoros. That attack occurred about 9:00 pm Saturday.

About four hours later, around 1:00 am Sunday, a single grenade was thrown in front of the TV station in Monterrey and exploded under a parked pickup. There were no reports of injuries in either attack.

According to the newspaper account, the grenade attacks are believed to be part of a violent struggle between two drug gangs over control of cities in Northern Mexico and drug routes into the US. By staging terrorist attacks on the territory of the opposing gang the attackers are openly challenging the other gang for control of the city.