TV, Streaming Platforms Each Matter For NFL’s ‘Big Game’


How many people tuned to NBC’s telecast, or Telemundo’s Spanish-language coverage, of Super Bowl LVI? 

A combined metric courtesy of has been released.

According to results from’s second-by-second cross-platform measurement, the NFL’s championship, which aired on NBC and Telemundo between 6:33pm Eastern and 10:09pm Eastern on Sunday, drew an “average minute audience” of 121 million viewers.

With Peacock data included in the total, seeks to get ahead of Nielsen in offering a gauge of just how many people watched the game’s dual-language coverage in homes and/or public venues across the U.S.

Among’s key findings:

  • Some 56% of U.S. Households tuned into the telecast on NBC, Telemundo and Peacock, reaching a total audience of 149.9 million people who watched all or some of the broadcast.

  • The total linear average minute viewership was 98.1 million, including 2.9 million average minute viewers on Telemundo, which contributed to a total in-home reach of 134.5 million people on NBCU networks.

  • The average streaming minute audience was 10.5 million viewers and 15.5 million total viewers, which includes sensor-level streaming viewership data from CTV, mobile and tablet consumption provided in partnership with Conviva.

  • 70.1% of those streaming the Super Bowl came from “cord cutters” or  households without bundled pay TV service.

  • The total Out-of-Home (OOH) average audience for the Super Bowl was 12.5 million, as measured via iSpot’s partnership with Tunity Analytics.

  • The Super Bowl’s 81 national ads accounted for more than 40% of all TV ad impressions on linear TV for February 13.

  • The average ad reached 106 million viewers, while the game generated 4.39 billion verified household ad impressions across all platforms in 216 minutes.

  • During the Super Bowl, the commercial attention rate was 36% higher than the average across all networks and shows on the day, and the commercial completion rate was 98.6%

  • iSpot’s Ace Metrix Creative assessment found ads increased purchase intent to 47%, while 60% of the ads were funny, 53% sparked curiosity, and 47% prompted nostalgia.


The well-received halftime show presented by Dr. Dre and featuring the legends of hip-hop was a major attraction. In fact, it may have brought viewers who weren’t watching the game — a change from years where Animal Planet’s “Puppy Bowl” was a popular alternative to lesser-received halftime performances during the “big game.”

Viewership peaked during the halftime show, with an overall increase of 12% or 10.5 million net new average minute viewers.  

Meanwhile, data also show the following:

  • Ads that ran during the halftime show generated an average viewership of 116.8 million verified impressions for in-home viewing.

  • The animated 2 minute NFL ad at 8:08 pm during the halftime show had the highest in- home audience at 119 million viewers across NBC, Telemundo and Peacock.

  • The persistent attention to the telecast of the game afforded advertisers a completion rate peak of 99.5%, just before the start of the third quarter.