TVB 2008 Conference challenges broadcasters


“Indeed this is a time of radical change. Every media sector is being buffeted by sociological and technical changes…if I were a pilot, I’d tell you to keep your seatbelts fastened,” said Rohrs, “If I were a motivator I’d say it’s our time to power up localism and unlock the value of new platforms and new services, such as [TVB’s] eport.”

Rohrs was also happy to note that more people are watching the television medium than ever.

On GM’s announcement last week that it would be shifting some 50% of its ad spend to digital media, Rohrs said if they go too far in that direction, too soon, it will do harm to that company. However, “We are transitioning to the perfect hybrid player for this new age…and that IS digital.”

RBR/TVBR observation: How many times have we said it recently – that feet on the street is the key? Local audiences are the underlying strength of the television business. Localism is the value that your station has available to advertisers. That’s true both of your broadcast signal and new digital platforms. Program local and sell local. See today’s Ad Business Report section for more on that topic from a true guru, Jim Doyle.