Broadcast Revenue Trends: A Forecast 2022 Focal Point


How has broadcast media revenue recovered from the onset of a pandemic that saw generally steep declines for Radio, and lesser dips for Television?

Is Automotive poised for a rebound, even as supply chain issues make used vehicles more valued than ever?

As the country continues to emerge from the pandemic, a Forecast 2022 session that includes the participation of TVB President/CEO Steve Lanzano is shaping up to be another provocative must-attend event.

Reviewing where the strong pockets of opportunity for broadcast advertising may be, Lanzano will be joined by GroupM Executive Director of Specialty Channels Jen Soch. Moderating the panel is Katz Media Group CEO Mark Gray.

Lanzano, whose organization last week staged the successful virtual TVB Forward Conference, spoke exclusive with RBR+TVBR for a conversation that exclusively appears in our Fall 2021 Special Report.

Of the big topics among TVB members, measurement is likely at the top of everyone’s minds, based on the discussion across the September 30 event. “Measurement is always either the top or top two sessions when we do our post-conference survey,” Lanzano said. “People love them and want more, and that’s why it is really the first major content session.”

With Nielsen seeking to work with the Media Rating Council on an accreditation hiatus, Lanzano hoped the audience measurement company’s issues will soon be somewhat more resolved than they were in late August. “We’ve been going back and forth with
Nielsen regarding accreditation,” Lanzano said. “We want BBO homes in but we want them put in at the right time, so we have good data.”

Cross-platform measurement, with one aggregated audience for content that is
deduped, “seems to be where the industry is going.” GroupM’s Soch likely has a strong view on that topic, setting Forecast 2022 up for a lively discussion.


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