TVB launches On-Air campaign for local stations


The Television Bureau of Advertising has produced four 30-second commercials, promoting the value of advertising on local broadcast stations that are expected to begin airing in March on hundreds of stations around the country.  It is the first such campaign mounted by TVB in more than 12 years.

“The thought was to use our medium to promote our medium,” said Abby Auerbach, EVP and chief marketing officer at TVB.  “Now that the digital transition is complete, we want to make sure that all advertisers are fully aware of the exciting opportunities that are now available to them on their local broadcast stations.”

The campaign grew out of the association’s “Why Spot Now” initiative, which began as a dedicated area on the TVB website and then morphed into a video unveiled at TVB’s Forecast Conference in September 2009 and then into a nine-part video email campaign aimed at customers in the Q4 2009.  The 10 different renditions can be viewed on YouTube.  Auerbach spearheads the “Why Spot Now” initiative, including the new on-air campaign.

“The on-air campaign very much grew out of the positive response we received to the initial WSN efforts,” said Auerbach.  “Station executives were calling and emailing, saying: ‘Can you make these into spots?’  Our answer was: of course!”

The ads employ the crisp graphics and compelling style of the “Why Spot Now” video initiative, using fun factoids as well as the important message points about the value of advertising on local broadcast stations.  They are designed so that each station can insert its own logo and specific contact information. 

The spots are available in both English and Spanish.