Broadcast TV’s Unified Sales Catalog: Wanted Now


The “very hot topic” of Measurement was a major part of the discussion at the TVB Forward Conference on Thursday.

And, it was a subject addressed first and foremost by Sinclair Broadcast Group President of Broadcast and Chief Advertising Revenue Officer Rob Weisbord during an afternoon Q&A session conducted by Operative CEO Lorne Brown.

When one looks at the trends influencing the evolution of measurement and currencies, does Weisbord think the industry is heading toward a world where multicurrencies will dominate broadcast TV, where media companies will have to sell against multiple KPIs to compete in this market?

The Sinclair executive replied, “I think we are heading into an impression and data world, and it is going to be a full solution world. You’ll have to be able to deliver that within one system, from a buyer’s computer back to the seller’s computer. They will need to have all of the assets because you will be buying in segments. We are going to have to identify the best place for the spots to be reached. It won’t necessarily be dayparts, but it will be audience segments and impressions.”

How important is it to sell off of one unified product catalog?

“You don’t want your sellers to go from one system to the next system, making it arduous and having them tell us it is a revenue-prevention system,” Weisbord says.

As all broadcasters stream their inventory one way or another, the toughest thing is to put it in a unified way to best sell it to an advertiser, he adds.

Given the GAFAN group’s disruption in the local digital sector, “We want to do the disruption for ourselves,” Weisbord adds. “We’re in the omnichannel world, but the automation is currently missing. We’re built into that end-state today, and that is what is needed to be agile and to be able to compete.”

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