Uncle Ben's launches "Begin with Ben"


The number-one selling brand of rice in the country has begun a new global,  integrated marketing campaign which debuted in Europe and Canada earlier this year. “Begin with Ben” features healthier ingredients, diverse cuisines and bringing families together to enjoy a meal. Via BBDO, it begins its television run on popular networks starting the week of 4/4. It also will be found in the April and May issues of a variety of national magazines. The campaign includes a refreshed website (unclebens.com), the launch of an official Facebook page, integrated consumer promotions and PR.

Based on consumer research conducted by BBDO, 53% of people “would make a healthier meal” if they had time and 79% claim to feel “too bombarded” with information. The creative aims to provide a simple path to healthy eating: meals that begin with rice are healthier and lead to a better way of living.