Unique funding project for California noncom


Money TreeLike all noncommercial broadcasters, Capital Public Radio needs funding – and here’s an unusual deal that will bring in cash. It involves a charity fund-raiser and the local real estate community.

The fund-raiser is My Broker Donates. It is a non-profit that links people entering the local real estate market, both as a potential buyer or seller, and refers them to local real estate professionals who may be best suited to serve their individual needs.

MBD gets a referral fee from the realtors who benefit from a new client – and the fees go to a variety of charitable organizations.

CPR’s role is to publicize the service – it has four rotating sponsorship spots going out over the air on its seven stations, serving 420K listeners with News, Classical and Jazz programming.

In essence, it becomes one of the charities, getting cash it then does not have to raise through the standard listener-donation method.

“Capital Public Radio is always looking for ways to serve its listeners and to find new funding sources that support our award-winning programming. Our partnership with My Broker Donates does both. I encourage our listeners to contact My Broker Donates: They’ll get connected with real estate agents whose experience perfectly matches their needs. And Capital Public Radio will get a big donation at zero cost to our supporters,” stated Arla Gibson, Capital Public Radio Director of Development.