Univision begins divestitures in Albuquerque


On the same day it announced the sale of its music division, Univision began selling off some non-core radio assets. Allen Shaw’s Centennial Broadcasting is entering the Albuquerque market with a deal to buy four stations from Univision, directly and indirectly, for 24 million bucks. The indirectly part is because Classic Rock KIOT-FM is currently held by the Univision Albuquerque Trust, headed by Bob Woodward, Trustee, created when new private equity owners acquired Univision and had to comply with new ownership limits. Univision is directly selling Rythmic KKSS-FM, Regional Mexican KJFA-FM and Spanish Oldies KKRG-FM. The deal still leaves Univision with one station in Albuquerque, KQBT-FM, so the brokers at Kalil & Co. still have a little more work to do.