Update: C Spire Goes Live With STB-Free Platform


In April, RBR+TVBR reported on the late spring 2017 launch of a new streaming TV service that “eliminates the need for set-top boxes and revolutionizes how customers enjoy their favorite content.” That service — C Spire TV — went live earlier this month.

C Spire TV is designed to accomplish, in many ways, what former FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler hoped to achieve with his introduction of a controversial STB proposal prior to Election Day 2016 — when few believed President Trump would defeat Hillary Clinton and take control of the White House.

In short, C Spire TV “delivers the cable TV features that consumers love in a convenient and simple app designed to run on popular streaming devices from Amazon Fire TV, Android TV and Apple TV.”

Roku availability is expected this week.

C Spire TV touts that its solution reduces installation time, monthly costs and the need for replacement of outdated hardware.

“Consumers get the best of both worlds with robust software platforms from the biggest names in the technology world and our cutting-edge apps and superior service,” said Ashley Phillips, GM of C Spire Home Services, a unit of Mississippi-based telecommunications and technology services firm C Spire.

Among the benefits of C Spire is the ability to watch on demand “local broadcasts” that aired over the past 30 days. That’s paired with a cloud-based DVR service, Phillips said. With the Replay TV feature, customers can watch most network programming that aired over the past three days on demand.

And, because it’s app-based, C Spire TV allows customers to watch their favorite content on virtually any screen in the home, Phillips added.

C Spire TV also leverages an “advanced recommendation engine” to better understand customer habits and keep their favorite content front-and-center.

“Our platform learns your preferences and recommends new shows and movies ideally suited to your tastes and interests,” Phillips added. “It’s what we like to call TV evolved – no compromises.”


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