Using Video, OTT and CTV Ad Tactics to Capture Video-Ad Revenues


Marketron, the provider of enterprise revenue management and digital software solutions, will host a free webinar on August 25 demonstrating how broadcasters’ sales teams can leverage video, OTT, and CTV ads to increase the size and quantity of their digital orders.

During the live event, “Video Explosion! How to Sell More in 2021,” Marketron representatives will explain the differences between these critical digital tactics and how sales teams can use them to enhance the value of their proposals and capture a greater share of rapidly growing video advertising revenues.

The webinar, which begins at 1pm Eastern, features Jeff Ulrich, Marketron senior manager of digital transformation and enablement, and Mark Weidel, Marketron senior training and onboarding associate. Ulrich and Weidel will delve into the details of how broadcasters and sales teams can plan, prepare, produce and promote campaigns that leverage the latest video, OTT and CTV ad tactics to deliver stronger results for advertisers.

Ulrich is a 35-year local broadcast industry veteran, having held sales and sales management roles in both Top 10 and mid-sized markets, working closely with local business owners, ad agencies, media sales managers and salespeople across radio, television, print and digital media. In 2018 he was recognized by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) with its Education in Excellence Award.

Weidel has spent more than three-and-a-half decades in general management and directorial positions in the sports broadcasting and media management fields. The two Marketron experts will conclude the webinar with a Q&A, taking questions submitted by attendees during and after their presentation.