USRN adds The Roe Report


United Stations Radio Networks is now distributing “The Roe Report,” a news and commentary feature created and hosted by WLS-AM Chicago talker Roe Conn and delivered to stations daily, Monday-Friday.  The short-form broadcast is intended to be a glimpse at what’s happening in the world today via the unique perspective of Roe Conn. 

The piece is best described as a mix of news, commentary, pop culture and entertainment stories, and its brief and fast-paced format is accentuated by clips of music, raw sound and recognizable audio from popular movies, television shows and other audio sources.   The Roe Report, while not similar to the late Paul Harvey, has been compared to some of Harvey’s broadcasts because of its broad scope, wide appeal and sometimes humorous approach.  It has been airing at WABC, New York, KABC, LA and WLS-AM and those affiliations are expected to continue.