A New Encoder/Decoder for REMI Workflows Arrives


Seeking a bi-directional encoder/decoder appliance for remote production (REMI) workflows?

Look no further than Montréal-based Matrox Video, which has brought to market its new Monarch EDGE S1.

“Featuring simultaneous encode/decode support, Monarch EDGE S1 allows broadcasters to deliver secure, high-quality, low-latency program feeds from the studio to multi-camera production crews, talent, and guests in any remote location,” the company says. “Monarch EDGE S1’s return feed functionality overcomes the two-way communication challenges in REMI and multi-site workflows by enabling smooth and natural interaction between remote and in-studio production personnel for broadcast-quality productions.”

Equipped with a 3G-SDI input and output, the EDGE S1 encode/decode appliance can encode a studio-produced program feed for transport over private or public internet connections to Monarch EDGE S1-equipped sites to decode and view the return feed.

Monarch EDGE S1 provides latencies as low as 100 ms. The appliance includes MPEG-2 TS, SRT, and RTSP streaming protocol support for secure transmission across various networks, along with tally and talkback channels to facilitate communication between camera operators and in-studio personnel.

Broadcasters deploying Monarch EDGE E4 quad-HD encoder and Monarch EDGE D4 quad-HD decoder appliances for multi-camera REMI workflows can integrate Monarch EDGE S1-based return feeds allowing camera operators and in-studio personnel to communicate accordingly during a live event and help deliver the best production possible.

Monarch EDGE S1 is also well-suited for single-and multi-site remote contribution workflows. Remote contributors located across various geographical regions can simultaneously send a high-quality camera feed while receiving a return feed.

“The broadcast industry has seen a rise in the adoption of remote production technologies for live sporting and entertainment events, as well as live broadcasts, news, and interviews,” said Daniel Maloney, technical marketing manager at Matrox Video. “Matrox Monarch EDGE S1 is designed to further enhance these multi-camera REMI and multi-site contribution workflows by bridging the communication gap between the in-the-field and in-studio personnel. This two-way video platform replicates in-person interactions with real-time communications. Broadcasters and live-event producers will appreciate Monarch EDGE S1’s production value that will allow for the delivery of more efficient, cost-effective, and engaging live productions.”

The Matrox Monarch EDGE S1 encoder/decoder appliance (part number: MDG2/ED10/I) is now available. For more information or to request a demo, contact Matrox.