VCI Solutions teams up with Google TV


VCI Solutions, provider of software solutions for broadcast and cable operations, announced that its clients utilizing the Orion Business System now have  opportunity to garner additional revenue through integration with the Google TV Ads system, by providing access to new advertisers. 

The new integration facilitates two-way dynamic communication between both the Orion Business System and the Google TV Ads platform.  This flexibility enables broadcast and cable operators the ability to sell available commercial inventory in the Orion system through the online Google TV Ads system.  Google TV Ads is a flexible online buying platform, where television advertisers utilize an auction-based pricing system to select their spot placements. 

“In integrating with Google TV Ads, we are leveraging the benefits of our Orion Business System by providing our clients with the opportunity to maximize their revenue through a new online sales channel,” said Sarah Foss, President/CEO, VCI Solutions.  ”Especially in today’s challenging economic climate, maximizing revenue is critical to success.”

The Orion Business System generates and sends a report of available commercial inventory to the Google TV Ad system.  The inventory is then made accessible to Google TV Ads advertisers through its auction-based platform. Google then provides a report of the sold inventory back to the Orion system, and standard business rules are used to schedule the spots on the log accurately.  Once the spot airs, Orion provides validation of airing back to the Google TV Ads platform.  Google then provides analytics and insights to media companies that help unlock the value of their inventory.