More Than 200 iHeart Stations Get An ‘AI’ Boost


One of the nation’s fastest growing artificial intelligence (AI) providers has signed an expanded, two-year agreement with the nation’s top radio broadcasting company.

In an announcement made Monday (10/2), Veritone Inc. gave its approval to a new agreement that gives iHeartMedia a license to its Veritone aiWARE platform.

The wider agreement allows iHeart to use the AI platform at more than 200 radio stations in the nation’s top 50 markets.

Specifically, Veritone says the additional iHeart stations will be able to “seamlessly and automatically process, transform, and review audio data in near-real time, with enhanced ad and content tracking, comprehensive analytics, faster content extension, and smarter media management.”

“Incorporating Veritone’s artificial intelligence capabilities into the robust and data-focused iHeartMedia media ecosystem is another important step toward a smarter future in audio,” said Tim Castelli, president of national sales, marketing and partnerships at iHeartMedia. “We are the leaders in audio content and data, and Veritone will dramatically assist in our current content monitoring and extension workflow, providing us with even more opportunities to enhance our advertising and content initiatives.”

Ryan Steelberg, co-founder and president of Veritone, added, “iHeartMedia has proven themselves as a brand that is undaunted by the changing media landscape, and understands that in order to stay ahead and remain competitive now and in the future, it must continue to evolve and adopt innovative technologies.”