Veritone’s Healthy Rebound On Wall Street


Don’t look now, but the yo-yo activity seen in the last several months from AI-powered content recognition specialist Veritone Inc., a growing partner with radio and TV broadcasters, has ceased.

Steady growth has been seen in the last month, pushing the company’s shares back above the $20 mark.

With Friday’s Closing Bell on Wall Street, VERI shares were at $21.25, thanks to a 4.3% gain from Thursday.

It’s a nice gain from April 4, when Veritone was trading at $13.16, or March 1, when a $12.72 price was recorded for a stock that soared to $56.28 on Sept. 18, 2017, completing a meteoric 30-day rise from $7.87.

Like many companies tracked by RBR+TVBR, Veritone will release its Q1 2018 results on Tuesday (5/8).