Katz Digital Picked By Vibenomics For OOH Audio Representation


Vibenomics, the company seeking to replace radio as an audio outlet for marketers in various out-of-home (OOH) points of purchase, has selected Katz Digital to represent its programmatic advertising marketplace.

The Vibenomics Audio Out-of-Home Advertising Marketplace is one of many “premium inventory” programmatic platforms that have emerged in the last decade. It is designed to tie brands and agencies to “more than 150 million unique consumers.” Marketers and advertisers can also target any combination “of over 4000 points of interest (soon to double in size).”

Vibenomics’ day-to-day operations are led by Chief Strategy Officer Paul Brenner, previously with Emmis’ now-folded subsidiary TagStation LLC.

“Katz has the experience, relationships, national footprint, and reputation to help Vibenomics’ Audio Out-Of-Home Advertising Marketplace attract even more national and local advertising,” Brenner said. “Background audio is proven to influence how much time is spent in a store, what to buy, how much to spend and can trigger impulse buyers to make additional purchases. Our cloud-based streaming audio experience solution – licensed by multi-site organizations such as retailers, restaurants, public spaces, amusement parks, and attractions – enables brands to reach their target audiences directly at the point-of-sale when they cannot be reached by other media. That is the value prop that we have tapped Katz Digital to evangelize.”

The Katz deal follows the recently announced partnership between Vibenomics and The E.W. Scripps Co.-owned Triton Digital on programmatic audio advertising technology.

“Leveraging the newly launched partnership between Vibenomics and Triton Digital’s Yield-Op Supply Side Platform (SSP), Katz Digital will have private access to Vibenomics’ audio OOH ad inventory within its own programmatic digital audio marketplace, which integrates with top demand-side platforms (DSP),” Vibenomics says.

Katz Digital EVP Scott Porretti added, “Partnering with Vibenomics helps Katz deliver on its mission to provide advertisers with audio anywhere solutions. With this new form of audio supply, Katz Digital will be able to offer local and national advertisers the opportunity to connect with target audiences through Vibenomics’ more than 4,000 points of interest at that critical moment when they are just footsteps away from making a purchase.”