Video: What’s ‘Best’ For Branding and Selling


Here’s good news for broadcast TV: among local ad agencies, video is considered the best form of branding.

That’s evidenced, Borrell Associates notes in a “Chart of the Week” released Monday (8/20), by the domination of UHF and VHF stations and strong presence of cable TV.

Asked what form of media is best for branding and selling, 68% of representatives at 771 local agencies responded that broadcast TV was “very good/excellent” for branding, while 33% of respondents said it was very good or excellent for selling.

That puts broadcast TV ahead of all other forms of media, for Borrell study respondents.

The data come from local advertiser responses gathered between April and July 2018.

But, as Gordon Borrell notes, “If TV spots are the Prime Rib of branding, social media is the club sandwich.”

This can be seen in the increased use of streaming video, and the high ranking of social media advertising.

Meanwhile, outdoor scores extremely low for selling and has branding value.

Where does radio fit? Not great.

Just 20% of respondents say it is very good/excellent for selling, while 38% say it is very good/excellent for branding.

This puts radio below SEM, Events, Content Marketing, Outdoor, Cable TV, video advertising, social media advertising and broadcast TV on an overall scale.

Each summer Borrell publishes weekly insights from its Local Advertiser Survey.  These insights come from the largest survey of SMBs in the nation, conducted annually from April-July.  These charts represent key insights from a survey of 40+ questions of local advertisers.