Six Radio Companies Ink Partnerships With Vipology


Vipology, which builds digital products and services for broadcast media companies, has forged long-term partnerships with six small and/or independently owned radio broadcasting companies.

The agreement gives stations owned by the companies connectivity to Amazon’s Alexa smart speaker via the Vipology VS3 system.

The broadcast companies signed on for VS3 are Local Media San Diego, Leighton Broadcasting, Auburn Network, Dickey Broadcasting Company, Big Thicket Broadcasting, and Mapleton Broadcasting.

VS3 details such user data as Sessions, TSL, Reach & Frequency, and user locations, identifying Hot Zips for programming and sales.

Sam Furco, VP/Station Manager for current VS3 user Inner Harbor Media in Syracuse, could be happier.

He said, “WOLF FM Syracuse listeners now listen nearly three hours per session, and we’ve increased our streaming TSL by 18% in just the last 60 days. We’re on track to have more Vipology VS3 users than mobile app users.”


VS3 representatives will be at the 2018 Radio Show in Orlando, at Booth No. 12.