Virtual Events Give GatesAir An Outlet For Connectivity


The week of April 20 was originally one that saw thousands of media industry professionals attend the 2020 NAB Show in Las Vegas. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the event was cancelled. That didn’t stop GatesAir from coming up with a plan to share product updates and topical presentations to those that would have been in Southern Nevada.

The company’s continuing schedule of broadcasting-related webinars and online events continues with a Wednesday session focused on the Maxiva PMTX-1 outdoor transmitter.

“Reinventing the Transmitter Site: Maxiva PMTX-1 Outdoor Transmitter and Applications Review” is set for 10am ET, and again at 7:30pm PT.

“The broadcast transmitter site has remained basically the same over the course of history,” GatesAir notes. “Based on real world experience GatesAir has redefined how modern broadcast TV transmitters can be deployed, and what the site requirements are. We will review a compact approach that radically reduces the cost to deliver content.”

On Thursday at 10am ET and 7:30pm PT is a session devoted to FM single frequency networks.

FM SFNs: A Toolkit to Extend Radio Coverage” shows how MHz-based stations around the world have long been able to license FM boosters or Single Frequency Networks (SFNs) to augment the coverage of their main FM transmitting systems. However, implementation limitations often yielded poor results. “Significant advances have been made in FM transmitters, including real-time adaptive precision, time delay control and software coverage planning tools which have closed the gap from paper to reality,” GatesAir says.

Then, on May 5, GatesAir will conduct a session at 10am ET and again at 7:30pm PT that reviews the latest digital radio standards: HD Radio, DAB and DRM.

Lastly, of note, is a May 14 webinar (10am ET/7:30pm PT) on TV network planning.

“Digital TV networks offer broadcasters more options to create total market coverage using a wide range of tools from on-channel gap fillers to multi-frequency repeaters,” GatesAir says. “We will review technical options and equipment selection criteria, network planning tools, and options including antenna selection to create a seamless viewing experience for the consumer.”