Vislink Gets An Endorsement Of Its HEVC UHC HCAM Systems


Considering a 4K UHD HCAM wireless camera system?

Perhaps xG Technology’s Vislink, which works with broadcast industry clients, has something worth investing in.

British firm Broadcast RF Ltd. believes so strongly in Vislink that it’s placed an order worth $400,000 for 10 HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) 4K UHD HCAM wireless camera systems.

The order brings BRF’s total investment in Vislink HEVC wireless camera technology to more than $1 million in the last six months.

This additional investment makes BRF the current largest single holder of HCAM systems in the world, with 28 systems.

The order follows a recent announcement of a $535,000 order for Vislink 4K HCAM systems from NEP U.K. that will be used at the Winter Olympics in South Korea in February 2018, and at The Commonwealth Games in Australia in August 2018.

“This additional commitment from BRF further solidifies our valued relationship and continues to highlight the market confidence in the HCAM with booked pre-orders now over $3 million,” said James Walton, who heads of all IMT and Vislink business operations outside of the Americas.

The Vislink HCAM represents the next generation of HEVC 4K UHD wireless transmitters capable of supporting premium live broadcast events.

HCAM permits 4K UHD wireless video with a 70ms latency via Vislink’s world- leading RF modulation.

Chris Brandrick, BRF Commercial Director, said, “We are now officially ready for 2018. We believe we now have the capacity to fulfill any future UHD wireless camera requirement both domestically and globally. This is a very exciting step in technology for us.”