Bigger Voice For Vox In New England


In 2008, Bruce Danzinger began to purchase radio stations. He started in Burlington, Vt., with four stations in the market that shares its geography with Plattsburgh, N.Y.

In April 2018, the company expanded with a station that some would argue is part of the Burlington, Vt., market, but does not reach the city and cannot be heard in Plattsburgh.

That argument is key to a just-finalized deal that gives Danzinger’s Vox AM/FM LLC another Burlington-Plattsburgh FM, along with an AM. 

In a transaction that has yet to be filed with the FCC, Vox AM/FM LLC has agreed to acquire Class C3 CHR/Pop WXXX-FM “95 TripleX” in South Burlington, Vt., and Class B News/Talk WVMT-AM 620 in Burlington from Sison Broadcasting.

The deal will create a cluster comprised of four rated FMs and two AMs, as Vox AM/FM already owns Hot AC WEZF-FM, Sports WCPV-FM, CHR/Rhythmic WXZO-FM “Hot 97,” and Sports WEAV-AM “The Zone.”

A fifth FM, Classic Hits WVTK-FM 92.1, is a Class C3 station licensed to Port Henry, N.Y. It is marketed as “Addison County’s Radio Station” and possesses a broadcast signal that fades once one approaches South Burlington from Shelburne or St. George, Vt.

While Vox is purchasing WXXX and WVMT, it plans to operate the stations under a long-term Local Marketing Agreement (LMA), commencing on January 1, 2019. Closing will occur “in the future,” during the term of the LMA.

Assuming the argument that WVTK is not a Burlington-Plattsburgh, N.Y., station, given its absence in the market’s ratings and inability to reach the west side of Lake Champlain, Vox is permitted to own and operate WXXX and WVMT under current FCC regulations.

WVMT and “95 TripleX” have been associated with Sison owner Paul Goldman since the 1970s, when he began working with his father, Simon Goldman, at his James Broadcasting. Under James ownership, WVMT was born from the former WCAX-AM in 1963. In 1990, James acquired Atlantic Ventures’ WXXX.

Paul Goldman and his Sison obtained WVMT and WXXX from James in 1997. He commented, “WVMT and 95 TripleX have been my life and passion for over 40 years. There is no player in our market better equipped to ensure their future than Vox. My valued employees and stations are in great hands.”

Serving as the exclusive broker in this transaction is Doug Ferber of DEFcom Advisors.