VSiN Bets On iHeartMedia By Spurning SiriusXM


Subscription-free sports betting audio content is poised to reach more listeners on more devices.

That’s the promise VSiN and iHeartMedia are sharing, as the nation’s No. 1 audio media company has expanded its partnership with the Las Vegas-based sports information network dedicated to bettors and wagering statistics.

“Building on our success with podcasting and betcasting partnerships, VSiN will move its dedicated streaming radio station to iHeartRadio beginning on January 1,” iHeart and VSiN said in a joint release.

That will happen “just as the ball drops” at Midnight Eastern.

“Until then, the network will continue to air as a subscription service of SiriusXM, which has been VSiN’s live audio home since February 2017, more than 15 months before the Supreme Court ruling allowing states to legalize sports betting,” the companies said.

As of today, VSiN has offered multiple sports betting podcasts available for download on all podcasting platforms via the iHeart Podcast Network.

The agreement does not impact the select programming from VSiN that is syndicated for use on terrestrial radio stations across the U.S. via The Bet R Network. In its home market of Las Vegas, VSiN’s affiliate is Lotus Communications-owned KRLV-AM 920.

“We’re thrilled to build on the success we’ve had with iHeart on the podcasting and betcasting front to announce an expanded partnership that will help us offer a better product to a broader audience for free,” said Brian Musburger, founder and CEO of VSiN.

He was also upfront about the biggest concern regarding its dedicated audio channel’s presence on Sirius XM.

“We believe that removing the subscription hurdle on audio platforms will launch the critical next chapter for us on a technologically ubiquitous platform and set us up for 24/7 live programming in the very near term,” he said. “This not only allows VSiN to get to more listeners on more devices but also to capture more advertising revenue as legalized sports betting continues its rapid spread across the U.S.”

The new, expanded deal also sees iHeartRadio and VSiN collaborating on the development of new upcoming sports betting podcasts, while a “betcasting” product focused on English Premier League football (soccer) offers wagering content plus one live match to listeners each week.