Walking for DTV cash


The transition to digital will be complete for full power television on June 12th, but many low-power TV stations are still making plans – and figuring out how to pay for DTV. According to the Marion Star, supporters of three central Ohio LPTVs took to the streets over the weekend to raise some of the cash.

“I know the economy is tight. But God owns everything and I know he can provide,” the local newspaper quoted Earlean Hatch as saying as she chairs efforts to raise $60,000 for the DTV conversion of the three LPTV stations operated by the Central Ohio Association of Christian Broadcasters (COACB).

Saturday’s event was a walkathon, which raised $1,264. Hatch said the tally is up to $15,000, with another $45,000 to go. Unlike many LPTV stations, COACB has already made the switch to digital – but is still raising money to pay back money it borrowed for the DTV conversion.

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