Walmart, Macy’s, JCPenney, Sears end 2013 in Spot Ten


Media MonitorsWalmart led the way in the Media Monitors TV Spot Ten with 25,766 spots. Coming in #2 was Univision with 23,978 ads, while ABC TV Network landed at #3 airing 23,918 spots. Nissan finished at #4 with 23,419 spots and Macy’s edged up to #5 running 20,480 spots. The Ford Dealer Association jumped from #13 to #6 with 20,123 commercials, while NBC TV Network nailed #7 with 20,003 announcements. JCPenney pushed from #14 to #8 airing 17,686 spots and Toyota took #9 with 17,389 ads. Coming in #10 last week was Sears with 17,288 spots. Beginning in 2014, Media Monitors will be recalibrating the TV SPOT TEN so that self-promotion spots will be eliminated from the chart. This will give you a better look at paid-advertisers in this weekly publication.


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