Want To Keep Radio Free? Here’s How


As of today, the Local Radio Freedom Act has the support of 208 House representatives and 24 Senators. While that’s a sign that the resolution has strong support on Capitol Hill, there’s no guarantee that it will get passed by the House or Senate.

Here’s how you can led your support to the LRFA.

If your Congressional representatives are not on this list, we strongly encourage that you take a few minutes and ask them to join in supporting the act. And, if they have already signed on, it wouldn’t hurt to remember what your mother taught you: Say thank you.

Here is a form provided by the NAB that makes it easy to do both. It encourages those in Congress who have yet to add their name to the act to do so and it says thank you to those who have already done that. How easy can that be?

As a reminder, here is a list of the current congressional supporters of the Local Radio Freedom Act.

Click here and do your part for the Local Radio Freedom Act. Your e-mail could be the one that helps enact the Local Radio Freedom Act.