WaPo distributes gold, adds Goldberg


StocksThe Washington Post Company has announced a regular dividend distribution which will kick off in November, and has also announced a new member to its Board of Directors. The company has newspaper, television and cable interests.

The dividend will be paid 11/2/12 the shareholders of record as of 10/22/12. The value of the distribution – $2.45 per share – may inspire some to shop around for a stake in the company. However, this is one stock purchase that will not be financed by the emptying of a piggy bank. The stock closed at $350.68 at the end of trading 9/12/12.

Meanwhile, the company announced the election of SurveyMonkey CEO Dave Goldberg to its Board of Directors – he will be the panel’s eleventh member.

Golberg’s resume includes the founding of LAUNCH Media, an online music content service. He subsequently sold LAUNCH to and worked for Yahoo before moving on the Benchmark Capital.
Donald E. Graham, chairman and chief executive officer of The Washington Post Company, said: “Dave Goldberg is one of the wisest advisers and business people in Silicon Valley. We’re lucky to have him join the board.”