Watchdogs fire salvos over indecency


Predictably, the Parents Television Council is not amused by the broadcast challenges to the FCC’s right to enforce indecency regulations. It proves once again, argues PTC’s Tim Winter, that broadcasters just want to be able to say anything, any time. “In spite of their Congressional testimonies promising to abide by the indecency laws; in spite of their pledges of zero-tolerance policies following the 2004 Super Bowl broadcast; in spite of signing consent decrees promising to adhere to the law; in spite of their legal briefs claiming that they would follow the indecency law if only they had better clarity from the FCC – now comes the truth: They don’t want to abide by the law at all.”

Jim Dyke of TV Watch countered, “Over the years, the Parents Television Council has released numerous studies aimed at influencing lawmakers and regulators to believe that parents aren’t competent enough to make television viewing decisions for their own families. This newest study follows previous formulas perfectly: another study with a scary title that uses faulty analysis, biased methodology and suspect omissions to influence the debate and raise money.”

RBR/TVBR observation: In our humble opinion, PTC’s constant howling about this is pathetic. They grotesquely overstate the severity of the indecency problem, and then pretend they speak for the vast majority of Americans. We suppose they think that’s everybody but the total degenerates, broadcast executives, and us. It’s all done in the name of protecting children, even though there’s no credible evidence that broadcast content of any kind has any long-term harmful effects. We will once again direct their attention to the many amazing inventions of various types that allow people to change the channel during that one time in a million when a bad word slips out over the air.