WBEN host David Bellavia exits after two weeks


EntercomEntercom Buffalo has confirmed David’s full time employer wouldn’t let him do his new radio show on WBEN-AM. Entercom announced in mid-October that Bellavia would host his show 10 pm to 1 am. He was also hosting for Sandy Beach and Tom Bauerle when they are away.

Bellavia will no longer have a show and will no longer be allowed to fill in. Since Sandy Beach is out for a few weeks, Michael Caputo will be filling in. For now, The 10pm-1am show will be “The Best of WBEN,” either Sandy or Tom.

A reader tells us the PD and Bauerle both want Bellavia back, in fact, Bauerle “went off about how angry he was.”


    • He came across as a clone of Beach and Bauerle. Another angry screaming white conservative. I heard the end of his first show where he mocked a mayor who performed a gay marriage ceremony yelling and carrying on the way he accused the mayor of doing. It was like fingernails on a chalkboard. TB will find a conspiracy in this no doubt.

      • What a disgusting angry liberal wench with anti-white and anti-male bigotry. Lady please become an authentic woman, not an angry feminist wannabe man.

      • That’s why this is a GREAT country … If you DON’T like the programming ….. DON’T LISTEN !!!! Turn your Liberal “Company-Line” station back on and drink the Kool-Aid !!!

      • Lady, YOU are the problem, not veterans and people like SSGT Bellavia. You are a nasty, self serving liberal and like all liberals, you have the only right way in your mind. Get real and deal with the real world. People like Mr. Bellavia allow idiots like you to have their say, no matter how off base it is.

      • Hey Shirley, get a clue. The mayor is as big of a fraud and hack as ever before and if you don’t like the opinions of any of the guys on air go listen to NPR and join the pussification of America. Don’t be so soft. Stand for something or fall for anything.

  1. Wouldn’t you think he would have gotten the O.K.before he started????Guess glitch’s only happen when a democrat is POTUS.. This does not pass the smell test..Oh well one less wingnut on the once great Wben..Wait I know the reason…OBAMACARE..yeah that’s it.

    • He did get permission from his employer. Facts always help your case when you are trying to make it. He was told after two weeks that the employer had changed his mind and that he could no longer do radio even as a fill in.Just like an Obamacare lover to skip the fact checking.

    • Mike he did get the okay from his employer. Than his employer reneged. Get your facts straight before commenting. Also if you don’t like Wben, don’t listen to it…it’called a choice you tool!

  2. Thus far the comments are about people who like him or dislike him. This is not about liking or disliking David. It is about the politics behind the reasons this man can’t have a show. In essence being controlled by his boss both on and away from his “day job” This is despicable and his boss should be brought to task for infringing on this man’s rights to freedom of speech. I wish I knew who his boss was because the only way to stop this is to face the problem publicly and exposing the “boss” for what he is.

    • Why didn’t he just quit???Become a fulltime hate monger like the rest of the shockjocks there…Maybe he wouldn’t go down the path like the rest of them to the darkside?????

  3. Kathy, terry if you believe his employer reneged I’ve got a bridge for sale..so this so called emoployer Who does he work for?? got cold feet?? No way ..Ps, the world is flat and the sky is falling for those blue hairs who listen to this POS radio station..

  4. Actually tuned in to wben..who is this guy on the radio..no yelling,no name calling, what the heck real Facts not horsecrap,which is the usual menu on wben…wait if you are a reasonable, smart and willing to talk with people who might offer an opinion that differs with beach,limpball,blowerly you have No hope for a gig there..just ask Ron Dotson,Brad Riter two that come to mind..Vile,biased and racist is ben’s core listener…

  5. The word around WBEN is Bauerle wanted him gone . He had Kathey fired from weekends and he did not like the fact if David stayed on the air, Bauerle would be the number three guy at WBEN. The little guy does the same show every day. For a guy that got kicked out of the police academy because the female recruits were throwing him around and never served this country, he sure talks a big game…

  6. His “right to free speech?”

    Bellavia has a right to free speech all he likes.

    He doesn’t have a right to airtime on WBEN.

    I wish conservatives would stop confusing the right to free speech with a private ownership platform to do so. WBEN belongs to Entercom and they don’t have to put anyone on the station they don’t wish to, nor does Mr. Bellavia’s other employer have to allow him to work there AND WBEN. Freedom goes both ways.

    And those of you responding to the liberal poster with stereotypes of liberals are every bit as bad as you’re accusing liberals of being. Don’t be hypocritical.

  7. What a confused bunch.

    David Bellavia certainly has his free speech rights, but his employer has the right to employ who he wants, and if Bellavia’s public proclamations on-air cast a poor light on his employer (in his employer’s eyes), then his employer has every right to insist that he either stop his radio show or resign his fulltime position.

    What is with all these self-proclaimed conservatives who are all for the rights of private businesses to do what they want—unless it’s forbidding yet another conservative bot from spreading the word on a long-gone credible newsradio station?

    People are either too dumb or too partisan (same thing really) to see how hypocritical they are. plenty of pots calling kettles black.

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