Wendy's takes a spin with Wheel of Fortune


For the first time ever, Wendy’s is partnering with a game show for a “Watch, Match and Win” game. The “Watch Wheel with Wendy’s” game will give fans a chance to win one of five family Caribbean cruises during “Wendy’s Family Week” on Wheel 5/23-5/27.

From 4/11-5/15, Wendy’s Kids’ Meals will feature Wheel of Fortune branding, including five specially-designed Wheel of Fortune-themed toys and a game piece featuring a “Watch Wheel with Wendy’s” Promotion Puzzle. Fans will then be told to watch “Wendy’s Family Week” each night from to see if the puzzle on their game piece matches the puzzle in the show.

For Wendy’s Family Week, Wendy’s will provide all five goodie prizes on the wheel, and “Wendy’s Fun Facts” will be featured throughout the shows. At home, fans can continue the fun online, at www.wendys.com/kids_meal/ or www.wheeloffortune.com.

RBR-TVBR observation: Wheel spun well on this one. Wendy’s likely paid a high premium for this level of integration. As well, the Caribbean cruise line will probably get big mentions on the show in exchange for offering up the prizes free-of-charge to Sony Pictures Television/CBS Television Distribution.