What are You Doing to Protect Your Station?


It’s a question Lee Miller, Executive Director of low-power television and OTT advocacy group ATBA, addresses in a new opinion piece.

And, it is a major topic facing broadcast media leadership and air personalities alike that will serve as the centerpiece to a highly anticipated Forecast 2022 conference panel.

In a communique distributed to Advanced Television Broadcasting Alliance members on Thursday (11/4), Miller says, “On the heels of recent ransomware attacks, as an industry, we need to take a look at our systems and networks.”

The good news, in Miller’s eyes: Keeping ransomware off your system isn’t difficult — especially for a small operation.

“Much like preventing malware and viruses, best practices are pretty much the same,” he writes. “A ransomware attack must have some access to your system, usually through a rogue application. Be sure you and your staff are cautious about downloading or opening any files from the web or your email if you’re not very certain of their source.”

Miller notes that hackers now use a variety of social engineering methods, such as spoofing an email that looks like it’s an urgent message from a staff or family member; these typically include links that will install and/or download spyware and other files used by ransomware attack agents.

“Consider strongly again and again before opening and running anything on your computer, especially if it arrives without your expectation,” Miller advises. “Besides being careful about what you click on or download, there are three rules of system security that you should always apply: Protect, update, and back up. All malware, including ransomware, often exploits older or unpatched operating systems and software, and just because you might be on a macOS, don’t think you’re immune!”

Radio Ink Forecast Conference

Cyber threats are coming fast and furious nowadays. Every day we hear of another ransomware attack or data breach, and it seems that the cyber adversaries are taking over companies unopposed. Cyber security expert Steve Morgan, founder of Cybersecurity Ventures and Editor-in-Chief at Cybercrime Magazine, sits down with WABC Radio’s Juliet Huddy at Forecast 2022 for a provocative interview that will cover, in non-technobabble, how the cyber adversaries are doing it, why people and companies are in the dark when it comes to cybercrime, and what they can and should do to protect their organization.

This session is presented by RCS Sound Software

To hear what Morgan has to share, you have to be there.




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