What we're doing in the HD Radio space for advertisers


When Pit Crew Barbeque, a local business that provides all of the tools and resources for tailgating at NASCAR events wanted to get the word out about their business and drive listeners to their website, www.pitcrewbarbeque.com, they used HD Radio. Through WUSN Chicago’s HD3 channel, At The Track Radio, a station devoted to motorsports, the company was able to reach their niche target audience of racing fans.  Pit Crew Barbeque powers the HD station, and through sponsorship mentions on-air, promos and signage on the station’s website, http://www.usraceday.com/, the company has been able to gain a sense of credibility with their target audience.  Pit Crew Barbeque advertised on At The Track Radio to build their brand and in just five months, they were able to acquire an on-site appearance at a local racetrack.

This is just one example of how CBS RADIO is innovatively optimizing its content and distribution through the usage of HD Radio stations and streaming.  As a company, CBS RADIO is committed to remaining a leader in the digital space and through new distribution channels like HD Radio and streaming we can offer a vast and varied realm of content and programming.  Specialized HD radio stations are a good way for advertisers to test out radio as a platform and it often brings them back for larger and more widespread opportunities.  CBS RADIO has countless ways for companies large or small to capture the eyes and ears of a very precise audience.

CBS RADIO has an audience composed of every type of listener, as well as the means to target and reach them.  The Company offers niche programming dealing with a multitude of interests, hobbies, values and musical genres.  Some of the more interesting CBS RADIO stations available through streaming and HD Radio include Detroit’s WYCD HD3, The Sky, a metaphysical station devoted to the mind, spirit and soul; Last.fm Discover, a new HD radio station in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco inspired by the music discovery website Last.fm; and Washington D.C.’s WPGC HD2, Crank, which supports local hip-hop and R&B artists from the local community.  Think of all the different demographic and psychographic profiles available for advertisers and brands to target on just these few stations alone.

HD Radio has been a successful outlet for CBS RADIO and its clients, as evidenced by the advertising opportunities featured on channels like the aforementioned WUSN station, At The Track Radio.  WUSN’s HD channel has also received an array of clients interested in advertising on the motorsports station and reaching its very precise and targeted type of listener.  Successful campaigns have included big name clients with similar audiences like Shell, the Illinois Lottery and Roy Rogers.

Furthermore, HD Radio has proven to be a useful tool in predicting the popularity of formats.  For example, Amp Radio in Los Angeles began as a very successful and highly listened to HD station, and now is one of the Company’s fastest growing over the air stations.  A handful of HD stations even show up in Arbitron’s PPM ratings report, which is a testament to the size of the audience, popularity of the outlet and the reach for potential advertisers.

HD Radio is becoming more omnipresent in its distribution, as it is now available in cars, stand-alone devices, portable devices, online and through mobile devices.  This expanded distribution furthers the reach and scope of an advertiser’s message.  Now is the best time to consider how HD Radio and streaming can help you reach your future clients.

— Rich Lobel, EVP/CBS Radio Altitude Group
212.649.9619 | [email protected]  |  www.cbsaltitudegroup.com

Next week, RBR will host a 4 part series on the Portable People Meter.  This paper was originally presented at the European Radio Symposium on November 4, 2009 in Istanbul, Turkey by Jay Guyther. Jay is a partner with Los Angeles-based ROI Media Solutions, a full service consulting firm.  Prior to joining ROI in May 2009, Jay was with Arbitron for 25 years and was responsible for the planning and implementation of the PPM.  If interested in sponsoring all or part of this series, please contact June Barnes at [email protected]
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