What’s The Secret Sauce For Small and Indie Broadcasters?


From tornadoes and hurricanes to a pivotal November election and even a global pandemic, it turns out that everything is local. Perhaps no media does local better than small and independent broadcast operators.

What’s their secret sauce? Find out on November 16 as a panel of resourceful, savvy independent and smaller-market broadcasters share their view of the industry’s future from where they sit at Forecast 2022, the media industry’s Financial Summit.

Larry Patrick of media brokerage Patrick Communications and radio station licenseeLegend Communications invites you to join him and his guests:

A provocative conversation about local broadcasting, where ideas and opportunities are the name of the game, is on tap … and you’ll need to be present to hear what they have to say at this no-outside-press event.

There are other reasons why Larry Patrick will be attending Forecast 2022
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