A Multiplex Power Wizard Arrives From Wheatstone


A new feature for Wheatstone‘s FM-55 audio processor and SG-192 stereo generator that reduces or eliminates undesirable audio effects associated with the restriction of multiplex (MPX) power to minimize adjacent channel interference is now available for media pros.

wheatstoneWhile targeted at European broadcasters, the Multiplex Power Wizard is also beneficial in areas where short-spaced FM frequencies necessitate the reduction of average RF sideband energy through restrictive MPX power control.

The new feature gives broadcasters the power to keep multiplex power pegged up to the legal limit as set forth by the European ITU-R BS.412-7 modulation standard, but without objectionable processing artifacts such as gain swelling or gain pumping.

The Multiplex Power Wizard utilizes a program-dependent prediction, detection, and measurement algorithm that continuously adapts the multiplex power controller’s behavior to the incoming program content.

The algorithm allows for the extremely tight multiplex power control desired by broadcasters, but without contributing noticeable or undesirable control-related audio artifacts.

“Multiplex power controllers add yet another layer of processing on top of what is already being done by the processor, but our philosophy is that an MPX power controller should be able to do an exemplary job of controlling MPX power, and do so without compromising a station’s sound,” says Jeff Keith, Wheatstone’s Senior Product Design Engineer.

The Multiplex Power Wizard is a standard feature in FM-55 audio processors and SG-192 stereo generators running software version 1.2.19 (or higher). Version 1.2.19 software can be downloaded free of charge from the Wheatstone web site (direct link FM-55 http://bit.ly/FM55SW) (direct link SG-192 http://bit.ly/SG192SW).