Who’s Taking Care of Business for Broadcasters?


Will the FCC and/or Capitol Hill change the media?

What’s to come at the Federal Communications Commission under the formal leadership of Jessica Rosenworcel will undoubtedly impact both radio and television broadcasting companies.

Remember: Rosenworcel voted against the media ownership rule rewrite that the Supreme Court unanimously ruled was lawful, putting the wheels in motion on cross-ownership rule “modernization” formulated under the Pai Commission.

Will that be the end of any meaningful regulatory reform for broadcast media. If Gigi Sohn were to become a Commissioner — a big if, as of today — could more regulations for broadcasters come to fruition?

That’s just one of many things Inside the Beltway that could impact your bottom line in 2022 and beyond. From Capitol Hill to the Commission’s new offices near Union Station, Washington is abuzz with broadcast media bills and proposals.

Who better than Frank Montero, co-managing partner at Fletcher Heald and Hildreth, to lead a Forecast 2022 discussion on the myriad regulatory challenges and opportunities ahead for broadcasters.

Montero has assembled a group of seasoned broadcast professionals who understand the implications, challenges, and opportunities of these issues and how they might play out in the year ahead.

Appearing at this Forecast 2022 exclusive session are Dr. Mark Fratrik, SVP/Chief Economist at BIA Advisory Services; Bob Mc Allan, CEO of Press Communication LLC and PMCM TV LLC; Justin Nielson, Senior Research Analyst/Broadcast Media at S&P’s Kagan; and Colorado Broadcasters Association President/CEO Justin Sasso.

Understanding what happens Inside the Beltway and how it affects you, your stations, and your future business prospects is essential.

Make sure you are in the room for this blockbuster session at Forecast 2022Register today!


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