WHPY-FM reporter chases intruder after home invasion


WSMV-TV (Fox) Nashville reports that Jack Flash, traffic reporter at Grace Broadcasting Services’ “Hippie Radio” 94.5 FM was the victim of a home invasion while he was sitting at home watching the local news.

“I was watching Channel 4 News at noon,” he told WSMV. Suddenly, he saw something in his house move:  “I just kind of leaned up and looked over, and there’s a guy standing in my kitchen,” he said.

The intruder was going through a bag near the front of the house. “I was like, ‘Hey, man, what are you doing in my house?’ And, snap, he was gone,” Flash said.

He chased the man out the front door with a large stick. “When he took off, all I could think was, ‘Get him.'” He swung the stick at the intruder’s car window, but the stick broke and the home invader got away.

“I’m glad I didn’t grab my gun because I would’ve shot him,” Flash told WSMV.  The robber managed to make off with a small coin purse, and Flash reported the crime to the police. He was also able to get a description and a license plate number of the suspect’s vehicle, said the story.