Why Radio? The RAB Has A Microsite For That


Why the heck should a marketer consider radio when developing and finalizing a brand’s advertising campaign?

The Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB) has the answers all in one, convenient place, thanks to the launch of an all-new microsite housed within RAB.com.

Dubbed “Why Radio,” this FAQ page of RAB.com is inclusive of RAB’s extensive marketing and research guide and houses the RAB’s “Radio Facts” library.

With direct input from RAB’s Sales Advisory committee and the Local Market Advisory sub-committee, the RAB staff — led by SVP/Digital Services Dave Casper and SVP of Insights Annette Malave, produced what the RAB believes is “a dynamic, user-friendly micro-site.”

Users can find the latest in research findings and studies, with a completely reframed menu designed to “reflect the large library of marketing and research tools featuring the following options: facts, effectiveness, case studies, creative, tools, ad spending, and the Ask RAB feature.”

RAB President/CEO Erica Farber notes that all of the research and data the RAB is known for providing is still available. This includes radio landscape presentations, radio facts, the most current listener insights, case studies, FAQs, creative, ad spending, and “10 Reasons to Advertise.”

She adds that the Radio Matters initiative, created to highlight and promote radio’s incredible strengths, is featured prominently on the new site, which also showcases the Radio Impact Reports blog and the newly created Radio on Main Street podcast.