WideOrbit partners with DAS for streamlined EAS automation


Digital Alert Systems, a division of Monroe Electronics and provider of enhanced EAS systems, has partnered with WideOrbit, provider of business management software for media companies to inegrate Digital Alert Systems’ flagship DASDEC-II EAS platform with WideOrbit’s WO Automation for Radio.

The pairing is designed to streamline operations, prevent emergency alert “step-on” insertion over advertiser material and produce a more polished and sophisticated on-air product. The software integration between DASDEC-II and WO Automation for Radio allows for better deployment of emergency alerts, with streamlined communication between the systems that allow radio broadcasters to automatically schedule alerts to play to air at an appropriate time.

“This integration clearly demonstrates the benefit of WO Automation for Radio’s open widget-based architecture,” said Eric R. Mathewson, founder and CEO of WideOrbit. “By making it easy for companies like Digital Alert Systems to integrate their EAS technology with WideOrbit’s radio automation system, together we’re delivering a greater benefit and product to our clients, ensuring that their spots and content are airing without interruption while observing all FCC regulations.”

WideOrbit’s WO Automation for Radio 2.0 (formerly Google Radio Automation) now has Leader and Follower functionality, which allows two or more radio stations to share common programming like music, but break apart for independent commercial breaks or longer segments. All stations can be run from one computer, separate computers, or computers in different time zones, delivering flexibility and scalability for broadcasters running multiple stations from a single location. WO Automation for Radio 2.0 also delivers seamless integration with WideOrbit’s WO Traffic for an end-to-end radio solution.