Wild Turkey debuts first-ever TV ad


Debuted nationally 5/1, the inaugural “Give ‘Em The Bird” spot advances the Campari America brand’s ongoing campaign that launched last year. The humorous spot highlights a newbie bartender’s understandable hesitancy to obey his fellow, seasoned barman’s direction (“Just give ‘em the bird!”) to an intimidating, surly-looking patron. However, it’s soon revealed to the novice drink slinger that “Give ‘Em The Bird ” is innocuous bar slang for serving up a drink of famous Wild Turkey Bourbon.

Via FLY Communications NYC, “Give ‘Em The Bird” will air in both 15- and 30-second versions on ESPN, Comedy Central, Spike, TNT, and TBS this Spring in a media flight that will garner 150 million impressions via TV. The brand’s ongoing campaign also includes print, out-of-home, digital, social media, and PR.

In addition, since acquiring the Wild Turkey brand in 2009, Campari America introduced a series of significant enhancements to the production and packaging of Wild Turkey Bourbon. They include the debut of Wild Turkey 81 Bourbon and a portfolio packaging refresh (summer 2011), the $50 million expansion of its Distillery to double output (fall 2011), the groundbreaking of a new $44 million packaging facility (March, 2012), and the launch of Wild Turkey 81 Rye (March, 2012).

“It is never easy to take a more than 150 year old brand and put it on television for the first time,” said Umberto Luchini, Head of Marketing, Campari America. “I think our ‘Give ‘Em The Bird’ campaign stays true to the Wild Turkey brand, but just as importantly, it stays true to our loyal fans who will absolutely understand the wink and nod humor in the spot, and see this commercial as being Wild Turkey, through and through.”