Will the 2020 Election Impact Radio?


One of the best-known and most highly regarded political consultants in America has been added to the list of speakers and presenters at Radio’s Financial Summit — Forecast 2020.

The event, scheduled for November 20 at The Harvard Club in New York, is adding Dick Morris (pictured) to the lineup.

Morris will deliver a special address that will focus on the reelection chances of President Trump, and who the Democrats will eventually nominate as their candidate for the presidency.

How will he or she do? What events could upend all predictions?

So far, the political season has been a wild ride, with heated debate about whether or which Democratic challenger can beat Trump and what role the economy and other factors will play in the upcoming election.

What will all the drama and uncertainty mean for radio? How will that affect the tone and approach of on-air talk? And how will it impact the prospects for a political revenue windfall? According to WPP PLC’s ad-buying unit GroupM, political ad spending is estimated to rise to a whopping $9.9 billion, up $3.6 billion compared to the 2016 presidential election and well over double the spending in 2012.

That’s huge. How much of it might fall into radio’s coffers?

And while a good percentage will definitely go to social media, at what point might saturation on digital platforms find more dollars diverted elsewhere? Could radio benefit?

Being prepared means first knowing the landscape. Dick Morris is a genuine political pro, and he can help you get a sense of where this contentious, fascinating election cycle might be leading us.

“We are extremely pleased to have Dick Morris join us at Forecast,” Streamline Publishing EVP/Publisher Deborah Parenti said. “In what is certainly a most unusual political environment, his seasoned perspective should be of especially high interest to anyone trying to gauge where the future of the country and its economy may be headed.”

With his wife, Eileen McGann, Morris has written 20 books — including 13 New York Times best-sellers. He also writes a nearly daily column that reaches half a million people via e-mail and hundreds of thousands more at dickmorris.com.

Morris famously provided the strategy that brought about Bill Clinton’s re-election in 1996, after Clinton’s party had lost control of Congress. He’s handled winning campaigns for more than 30 U.S. senators and governors and has led successful campaigns in a dozen other countries, including Mexico and Japan.

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Forecast 2020
November 20, 2019
Harvard Club, New York