WIL's first Cornbread's Kids Crusade scores for Children's Hospital


Bonneville’s Country 92.3 WIL does it again with one of its many yearly charities for the community. Over the holidays, The Cornbread Morning Show, advertisers and listeners raised over $260,000 for St. Louis Children’s Hospital.

Beginning early 12/22, Cornbread took over the WIL studio and airwaves to raise money for a new MICU (Mobile Intensive Care Unit) for St. Louis Children’s Hospital. This is a vital piece of transfer equipment which must be replaced every two years at an enormous cost to the hospital.

Cornbread encouraged listeners and companies to become “guardian angels” for the effort, with a minimum commitment of $20 a month for a year. And the St. Louis area community responded to his call – over the course of 28 hours, 92.3 WIL raised $260,007 for this specialized, life-saving equipment. 

Commenting on this inaugural fundraiser, Cornbread notes, “I’m humbled by the generosity of the WIL listenership, who poured out their love for the kids of St. Louis Children’s Hospital.”

Fundraising sponsors included Chevy’s Fresh Mex restaurants and Vinson Mortgage, who supported Cornbread and the many volunteers who manned the phone bank.

Cornbread and WIL are still accepting donations online at www.wil92.com through January 10.

Cornbread’s Kids Crusade – volunteers gather at the end

RBR-TVBR observation
: Call it “localism with heartstrings attached”: if you will, but WIL knows how to bring the community out to events – be it for charity or not. When you involve advertisers intimately as well, others want to join in the goodwill and “free” word of mouth that goes beyond a simple spot campaign. Add Cornbread’s Kid’s Crusade to: Jinglefest 2010, “Cornbread’s World’s Largest Garage Sale,” “Cornbread’s Big Fat Wedding” and the “Country Cares for Kids” radiothon.