Wireless users are online shoppers


Here is an good reason to know how well your audience is connected – if your format attracts fans of an eReaders, BlackBerry, iPad, iPhone or Droid, then they are far more likely to play and shop online – and your station may be able to help deliver traffic to the websites that have things to sell to them.

A study from BIGresearch shows that 25% of adults aged 18 or older download music and video. However, if you survey users of the five products listed above, you find a range of 33.6% to 42.2%.

40.7% of the people in the 18+ population say they are online shoppers, but the range of electronics users goes from 47.9% to 51.0%.

When looking at individuals who have purchased online electronics in the 90 days prior to the survey, 48.7% of the general population said they had, but the range among electronics aficionados was between 58.6% and 66.4%.

In short, if a station can demonstrate that a large portion of its audience is into electronic devices, that is a station upon which you want to trumpet your wares – and your internet address.

BIGresearch says that about a third of adults own a mobile device. 13.2% of Adults 18+ own a BlackBerry, 11.3% own an iPhone, 9.3% own a Droid and 5.2% own an iPad.

Here is a chart showing key results from the BIGresearch study:

RBR-TVBR observation: Websites are pretty much the same as opinions – everybody has one. With millions of options, the trick is to get consumers to yours so you have a chance to sell what they want to buy. That means old fashioned marketing and promotion. One of the best places to get that is broadcast. Broadcasters that can demonstrate they are tapped into an electronically-sophisticated audience have something to sell “etailers” everywhere.