Applicaster: The Newest Tech Partner For WIREWAX


WIREWAX is welcoming custom app development and management platform Applicaster as a new technology partner, a pact “further expanding the accessibility and application of on-brand interactive experiences for a continually diversifying range of audiences.”

Operating as a fully integrated platform for custom app lifecycle management, Applicaster has nurtured a reputation for becoming a leading development platform for creating and managing direct-to-consumer apps across mobile, tablet, and connected TV.

This new partnership between the two award-winning technology platforms has enabled media companies to craft engagement-charged, action-oriented, versatile interactive experiences across the mobile and TV platforms that matter most to their users.

INDISTRY, an interactive streaming platform for emerging indie artists in film and music, uses the combined solution of WIREWAX and Applicaster to deliver more meaningful engagement and viewing experiences to its audience.

Echoing the dynamism and agility of Applicaster’s platform, WIREWAX’s interactive video studio allows users to develop interactive experiences at scale while harnessing the power of real-time data points working to give them clearer behavioral insights into their audience.

The outcome? Versatile experiences primed for constant enhancement and fine-tuning toward your ideal app audience.