Withers picks up short-timer in Marion-Carbondale


We have more color on the Withers Broadcasting acquisition of a radio six-pack from Clear Channel in the Marion-Carbondale IL market. For starters, the price will be 4M. Secondly, the deal actually involves the direct sale of only five stations: WDDD-FM, WFRX-AM, WQUL-FM, WTAO-FM & WVZA-FM. The sixth station mentioned late last week by brokerage Kalil & Co. actually has conditions tied on. WDDD-AM Johnston City IL happens to have an expanded-band twin, WVON-AM in Berwyn IL. The duo may be operated side-by-side until 8/2/11, but may not be broken up via transfer of ownership. The contract for this deal allows Withers to apply for a waiver to own the station, at no extra charge, until it’s death warrant takes effect on in August 2011; or it can run it under an LMA/SSA up until the same date. In either case, expanded band WVON-AM is not a part of the sale.