WJLA-TV DC announces Car Partner Program


Albritton’s WJLA-TV DC (ABC) announced the “WJLA Car Partner program” in which the station will grant every employee $2,000 toward the purchase of a new car and $1,000 for the purchase of a used car.  The innovative program is designed to spur sales in the sagging auto industry and help stimulate the overall economy.

“Our friends in the auto industry were among the first to feel the downturn of the economy.  The auto industry is hurting right now and we want to do our part to help promote a recovery,” said Fred Ryan, President of Allbritton Communications which owns WJLA.  “We have had a long relationship with our local auto dealers and we believe the recovery of our country’s economy depends on a healthy auto industry.”

WJLA will take the Car Partner program beyond DC and it will be implemented at all of the Allbritton TV stations in the hope that it can be of benefit to the employees and provide a boost to the local automobile dealers in those communities.

 “We hope other businesses across the country will implement stimulus programs to help their employees and the auto industry at this challenging time,” Ryan said.

The Car Partner idea was announced by Fred Ryan this afternoon at a station meeting and drew a healthy round of applause from the employees.  The Car Partner program goes into effect immediately.

RBR/TVBR observation: Obviously, a great idea. This is in the same vein as what Northern California Radio stations are doing for local dealers (3/2/09 RBR #41). All of the local dealers are being informed of this—both by the AE’s and employees who come in to browse & buy. What local affiliate do you think the dealers will choose to advertise with when business gets better?